Radiator AUDI A3 S3 8P 1.6L 2.0L Petrol / 2.0TDi Auto Manual 5/2003-On

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Vehicle Make AUDI
Model  TT 98-06
Additional Info
Engine Size  A3 / S3 8P  5/2003-On
Transmission  AUTO / MANUAL
Fuel  Petrol / Diesel
Drive Type
Fitment Location
Size (H x W x T)  650 x 388 x 26 mm
Material  Mechanical Aluminium &Plastic
Special Note  Please check the picture & diagram Before purchase,
as there are more than two types of radiators could fit this model.
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Make Model Year Engine
Make Model Year Engine
AUDI A3 / S3 8P 2003- 1.6FSI, 2.0FSI, 2.0TDi