TBAP Warranty

TBAP AUTO PARTS (TBAP) warrants its radiators and other auto parts to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for

* two year/50,000km(which comes first) for plastic and aluminium radiators and domestic use
* one year/25,000km (which comes first) for copper brass radiator and full aluminium radiator and commercial use.
* one year for other auto parts

From the date of purchase to the original customer purchaser.

This warranty does not include labor or any kind and materials not furnished by the manufacturer or any charges for any such labor or materials.

The limited warranty is void if the product is subjected to misuse, negligence, or operating conditions other than those for which such equipment was designed, or has been repaired or altered outside the factory of the manufacturer, or when chemicals or any ingredients other than approved permanent-type antifreeze, designed and sold solely for radiator use, are used in the radiator. This warranty does not cover the physical or chemical effects of any corrosive substance in the operating environment or the equipment. This warranty is extended to and enforceable by only the original consumer purchaser.

Items That Will Void Your Warranty:

  1. Improper Installation – Damage as a result of improper or incomplete installation or abuse by the installer.
  2. Stripped Threads – Cross threading any fitting that result in damage to the threads: includes transmission and engine oil cooler lines, drain cocks, or sensors.
  3. Intentional Damage – Any damage that is not caused by a manufacturing defect.
  4. Improper Application – Use of the radiator in a manner not specified by the manufacturer.
  5. Repairs – Any attempt to repair the radiator in any way will void the warranty.
  6. Improper Coolant – Damage to the radiator caused by the use of a coolant or coolant mixture not in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers recommendation. NOTE: The same kind of coolant must be used to replace the original coolant in order to avoid potential engine component damage as well as radiator damage. Refer to the owner’s manual for the type of coolant used in your vehicle.
  7. Chemical Damage – Damage to the radiator as a result of the use of improper chemicals that may have been added to the cooling system (including improper anti-freeze coolant).
  8. Electrolysis – Damage to the radiator caused by stray or unchecked voltage in the cooling system. As little as 0.1V of stray voltage can result in cooling system damage. Improper installation of any add-on electrical devices or equipment (for example: alarms, remote starters, stereo amplifiers, winches, plow lift motors, [2] etc.). Poor or improper grounding of the add-on electrical equipment can result in premature radiator failure.

If you have any questions about our warranty or would like to schedule a return, simply email using our contact form.